Baby Book Club: We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

Thank you for your patience while I get into the groove of the Blogging World. With that said, I am so excited for my first real post featuring our Baby Book Club! I reached out to a few friends who would be interested in joining and we started a Facebook Group where we could discuss books and play date ideas. Having a Facebook group is also great for figuring out dates for meeting up. Our very first Baby Book Club was the book We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Helen Oxenbury. We met at the Houston Arboretum (with plenty of bug spray in tow) for a craft and snacks. The kids had a blast playing in the sand area as well as “going on a bear hunt” where we at least happened to find a pond with turtles!


For our craft we made these cute tube binoculars using rubber bands to hold them together, bakers twine for string and washi tape for decoration. I looked up a few different ideas for making them beforehand and Arts & Crackers and Buggy & Buddy had some cute DIY tutorials.bc6bc3

For snacks we had Trail Mix and Teddy Bear Toast. I ended up using Speculoos Cookie Butter instead of peanut butter for the Teddy Bear Toast since some of the kids had peanut allergies and it turned out amazing! The idea is pretty simple to make with your choice of spread (you could even do nutella) with banana slices and blueberries. Quite the yummy treat! And how adorable are these trail mix bags?


I also found some cute style inspiration to go with our theme from Loved by Hannah and EliCalifornia Republic Clothes & Target.


Overall our first Baby Book Club was a huge success and we can’t wait for the next one in a few weeks! What are some of your favorite books and activities to read as a group?


6 thoughts on “Baby Book Club: We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

  1. Tayyaba says:

    Scheduling time for a blog is sooo hard!! I wish we had all the extra time in the world.
    Those bear snacks are the cutest!! I would’ve never thought to use cookie spread as a peanut butter substitute.

    Way to go!! 🙂


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