Water Play Date

Well it finally happened! I managed to have a play date that wasn’t centered around a book. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course, but it’s good to venture off the beaten path every now and then. We are in the thick of Houston’s summer heat so all outdoor activities must involve staying cool which is why we decided to have a water play date. I was inspired by Life’s a Jornie with the Joneses post on how to host a splash party so we had to have one of our very own!


Of course no splash party is complete without water balloons! Oliver had a hard time not popping them all before his friends arrived. And the colors just turned out so pretty! I ended up finding some at the $1 Store which also came with a special nozzle attachment for filling them up. I also filled these up the night before so I wouldn’t be scrambling in the morning.


The second ingredient for a successful splash party is lots of snacks! We had lots of cold water and juice to stay hydrated and of course our staples, Annie’s Fruit Snacks and Snack Mix.  Don’t forget your sunscreen to protect your little one’s skin! The Babyganics Mineral Based Sunscreen works great for my kiddos.


For the setup, I filled up our small pool and added our kiddie slide. Then I just took some storage containers and filled them up with water and different water toys. We also threw some cars into the mix since we had a bunch of boys coming over. Some of the other moms also brought a small splash pad and some water shooters which were a huge hit!


What are some ways you keep cool with your kids in the summer? Here are some more fun water play ideas to add to your next splash party like this Colored Ice in the Pool from Learn Play Imagine or this Castle in the Clouds from Mom Inspired Life.



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