Save it for a Rainy Day

Looks like there is more rain in our future here in Houston! Loading up not one, but two toddlers in this kind of weather is never ideal, so it’s one of the few times we try and make the most of it at home!

My first go to rainy day activity is to get creative with breakfast (or sometimes even have breakfast for lunch). We typically have the ingredients to make pancakes or waffles on hand, so I like to top mine off with some sprinkles or fun toppings that we wouldn’t normally use. My absolute favorite recipes that we always use are these Vanilla Waffles from Flavors & Sabors or these Homemade McGriddle Pancakes from Positively Splendid. These recipes are amazing and fairly easy to make.

My second go to activity is bath time! Sometimes we get creative with homemade bath paint and other times we just use unconventional bath toys like Legos. My kids seriously spent an hour in the tub playing Legos and it was every bit as magical as it sounds.


My third go to activity is anything that will keep your kids happy. We raid the craft closet for makeshift art, read books, get out the toys that have been hiding in their closet or if all else simply fails, don’t underestimate the power of television! I have absolutely no guilt about watching a movie on a lazy rainy day if we are plum out of ideas.



What are your go to activities for rainy days at home? For more rainy day ideas, check out our rain cloud craft or this rainy day bucket list idea!



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