A Bunny Birthday Party

When I first started this blog, I had no intentions of trying to sugar coat our life or painting our ideas through a rose-colored lens. I wanted to share something real and sometimes messy and less-than-perfect. With that being said, sometimes things get over-looked and set on the shelf for way longer than you meant.

So while it may be showing signs of Fall here in the U.S., I am a few months behind on sharing my second son’s 1st Birthday Party. (Just to be clear, he is about to be 18 months in October!) The good news is that across the world in Australia, it is showing signs of Spring so I thought it was only appropriate to finally share his Bunny Birthday Party with you!WES5

Being an April baby, his birthday will actually fall on Easter a few times in his life. This year we lucked out, and his birthday was just after Easter so I drove like a mad woman around town collecting Easter clearance items. Not exactly one of my finer moments but hopefully we can appreciate these decorations for years to come.WES4

I’m definitely one of those types of people who typically has an idea of how I want something to be, but I struggle with finding exactly what I want. So in the past I have ended up making my own invitations. A lot of times this ends up being quite a task, so I limited this year’s invitations to family and a few friends but I was quite pleased with the end results.

bdyukiuzxxxxxE ZA aa <<

I was also super excited with how my garden pails and shovels turned out (Thanks Target $1 aisle!). I also found the seeds and mini terracotta pots at The Dollar Tree.


For food we had PB&J and cucumber sandwiches. I found a bunny shaped cookie cutter like this one for the sandwiches and thankfully my mother was there to help with these! I also made this bunny trail mix recipe using Annie’s Bunny Graham Friends (except I traded out the raisins for marshmallows).WES3


Here’s one more close up of the dessert because…. cake. After searching everywhere, I found the mini carrots on Amazon under dollhouse furniture- who would’ve thought?

Throwing a birthday party is always so much more work than you anticipate, but in the end everyone had a blast and we couldn’t have asked for better weather for playing outside.WES6

Of course none of this would have been possible without my inspiration board! See where I got my ideas from below. I promise to get some fall inspiration up-pronto! (I realize this is the wrong season, but we had this party before I decided to start my blog so bear with me please)

Oreo Bunny Garden | Easter Cucumber Sandwiches | Carrot Invitations Inspiration | Bunny Ears Inspiration


What are some of your tips for hosting a birthday party in your home? Have you ever combined a birthday with a holiday before?

You can also check out Oliver’s 2 Legit 2 Quit 2nd Birthday on my old blog for more inspiration. Yikes, and if you think waiting 5 months to post Wes’ party is bad, I just realized I never shared Oliver’s 1st Birthday either! I’ll have to add that one to the list as well! Such is life as a busy mom of 2!



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