Our Library Haul

How often do you use your public library? I remember going as a kid and playing puzzles on the floor and digging into new books. Once I decided to stay home with my two kiddos, Toddler Time at the Library became our weekly jam.


We still lived in Houston at the time, so it was a lot of fun exploring the different branches around town through the Houston Public Library. There is even a location inside the Children’s Museum of Houston (it’s free to enter the library and stop for lunch at the Cafe Express inside, although it might be crowded).

Now that we live more North of Houston, we are members of the Harris County Library which reaches out to the outlying cities around Houston. We have also thought about checking out Montgomery County Library since it’s not too far from us. The good news is that anyone that lives in the state can join the library, so you don’t necessarily have to live in that city to have a membership.


he thinks the mouse is a “phone”

Each library’s Toddler Time can be different, so be sure to check out each locations calendars because the days and times vary. They also have classes for different age groups, so you will want to make sure you make it to the right class.


My favorite Toddler Times to go to are the ones that do a good variety of songs mixed in with the stories for those with short attention spans. It’s also nice when they offer a small craft and a play time afterwards. We’ve been frequenting the Tomball location and they also have a parachute which my kids LOVE. Certain locations can also fill up fast or sometimes you need a raffle ticket to get in, so it’s good to give different locations a shot and to get there a little early.


I also recently figured out that placing holds on books and movies online is SO much easier than browsing for books while chasing around two toddlers. While we still tend to check out library books we find during our visit, if there is something specific you have been looking for you can place a hold online and they will have it ready for you in a few days.

Another great option to use is The Little Free Library. We have one located in our neighborhood that is in walking distance from our house. This cute Yellow Submarine one is also located in The Houston Heights (located on Pecore Street and Watson). The kids love trading out books here.


If you are members at the Houston Public Library, be sure to check out Big Kid, Small City for tips on different locations as well as information on their FlipKits. You can also go ahead and stop what you’re doing for the rest of the day  because I found some great Instagram feeds to follow for book ideas to look for the next time you visit your library. Check out the hashtags #booksofinstagram or #kidsbooksofinstagram for more great feeds to follow. I’m obsessed!

@the.book.report | @happily.ever.elephants or you can follow her blog |  @readandgodo@bigreadslittlereads or check out her blog here |  @afriendlyaffairlibrary10.jpg

Do you have any favorite libraries around Houston? What are your favorite books to read?


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