How to Host a Sip & Swap

We are back in the groove now that we’ve been cooped up for not one but two weeks of viruses. I keep thinking it’s almost time for some cooler weather in Texas but it has actually been getting hotter this week if you can believe it! I had scheduled a Sip & Swap play date earlier this month and we had to postpone it twice, so the kids and I were excited to finally get to see it come to life.


I have seen some toy swaps where everyone gets tickets to use as a bid. I even attempted to put out some of this printable play money but the kids weren’t interested in using it so I’ll have to save it for when they’re a little older. Fortunately there were no fights (for the most part!) and everyone had a blast picking out their new treasures.


We served hot chocolate & orange juice and I picked up some scones for some snacks. All that shopping made our little ones hungry!


The moms and I also took turns swapping out some kid clothes, and whatever toys and clothes weren’t chosen we donated to my friend’s local church for their Fall Festival Drive. Oliver has been playing with his new airplanes non stop. He loves putting them in his new grocery bag and Wes is currently obsessed with Toy Story so this Woody toy was perfect for him. It worked out that we had kids of mixed ages so we had the perfect mix of toys for swapping around.


We will definitely have to host another one after Christmas! Plus the boys’ birthdays are back to back afterwards which means a huge influx in toys are headed our way. Have you ever tried hosting a toy swap? Have you found a solution for getting rid of old toys?

Other fun Swap Ideas are Recipe or Coupon Exchanges as well as a Book Swap or Busy Bag Exchange. I also found this page for some more good tips, but I tried not to take it too seriously and let the kids just have fun with it.

As always, I leave you with some more inspiration for hosting your next Sip & Swap!

Printable Play Money | Hot Chocolate Bar | Bar Cart Inspiration | Play Market Set Up



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