Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

I don’t know about you, but before we became parents we swore we would skip over the whole “Frozen” craze. Somehow along the way, our kids still figured it out and are obsessed! I ended up finding the cutest book, Do You Want to Build a Snowman? by Calliope Glass at our library and my kids love it! It’s interactive, so you have to “tap” and “blow” and “clap” to help bring the snow so that the kids can make Olaf.


I had seen a few other Invitations to Create with snowman activities, so I put that together with the beloved Olaf design from the book. We used sticks for the arms, black beans for the buttons and then white construction paper and googly eyes for the face. Regular glue sticks will work for the construction paper, but I used tacky glue for the arms and beans just to make sure they would stick properly.


All of the snowmen turned out great! This was a fun activity to do as we read the book so that the kids could follow along. And of course we had to have snowman snacks to go with it! We had Pirate’s Booty in our snowman cups and marshmallows, pretzels and cocoa puffs for a build-your-own-snowman snack. And as you can see, we’re still trying to get rid of that bag of candy corn around here for his nose!


I can’t take credit for any of the snack ideas, so be sure to check out these Snowman Snack Cups with a fun snack mix recipe and these Olaf Frozen Invitations for more inspiration. Raspberri Cupcakes also made the cutest Snowman Macaron Cake and Happy Hooligans has another fun twist with her Build a Snowman Activity Tray.


Are your kids in love with Frozen as well? We’ve found some other great interactive books with a Christmas theme at the library as well, like Dream Snow by Eric Carle, and  Little Blue Truck’s Christmas. Although this last one isn’t interactive, it features another one of our favorite Disney/Pixar characters in Mater Saves Christmas! What are some of your favorite books this time of year?




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