Baby Book Club: Catch That Cookie!

When we discovered that Tiny’s #5 had opened the new Tiny’s Milk and Cookies walk-up, we HAD to check it out! It just so happened that we found the perfect book to go along with our play date, as well as a park within walking distance!


We love going to Rice Village, but parking and dealing with toddlers is not always ideal for that area of town. However, Tiny’s Milk and Cookies is just down the street from Little Matt’s, West University Spark Park and West University Public Library. I hadn’t been to this area in awhile, but it’s perfect for spending the day with little ones since it’s not quite in the middle of the hustle and bustle of all the shopping. You do have to be careful about what day of the week and time, as the park is part of a school and is not open during school hours, but it has 3 different play areas including one for those with smaller children with a gate around the area.



Forget the playground, the kids loved playing in these trees, finding sticks and jumping in the piles of leaves!

The kids had a blast playing at the park, and it was the perfect spot after chowing down on some tasty sugar cookies (and yummy coffee for the mamas!)


This place makes the perfect photo-op as well!


For our craft, we kept it simple with a gingerbread man cut-out that I made using a cookie cutter. Then I brought some glitter, glue and googley eyes and let the kids have at it!


Ah yes, and let’s not forget this adorable book, Catch That Cookie by Hallie Durand . It features the skeptical Marshall, who doesn’t believe that Gingerbread Men Cookies can really run as the famous Gingerbread Man story goes. However a series of clues leads Marshall to change his mind. It’s definitely a cute book for kids and they will love the fun illustrations.

Do you like to decorate gingerbread men this time of year? I had a hard time deciding between decorating gingerbread men cookies or just doing a craft, but I love this Decorate a Gingerbread Man by Mom Inspired Life and this Printable Gingerbread Man Scavenger Hunt that goes perfect with the book (I probably would have used this if our kids had been a little older). And how cute is this Tiny Gingerbread Man to go on top of your hot chocolate or this fun Gingerbread Embroidery Hoop Art?


Happy week of Christmas everyone, and I hope you all enjoy your holidays!



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